Like Em Straight – Hamilton Returns

Another fresh week and another chance to check out a new like em straight scene with more of what you love seeing. Namley straight guys getting to have some gay sex for the first time and loving the enriching experience as well in every single update that we have around this place. Hamilton is back to take care of another straight cock in this one and the guy with a beard is going to get to experience just how good a expert hand feels on your cock when the person knows what they’re doing. Essentially in this likeemstraight scene you can see the straight guy just dozing off an relaxing as he gets his cock wanked nice and fast by Hamilton here today!


Well, as you can see, the whole thing takes place on the living room couch, and it seems that the straight stud is all set to do some undressing. He needs to be nude for this of course, but on top of that, you can also check him out as he gets to parade his lovely body curves for you all to see before anything else. And we can pretty much say that he looks quite delicious. We’ll return again soon with another update for you naturally and you can bet that there’s going to be lots and lots of scenes then as well. But for now, just watch the guy getting wanked off and we’ll be seeing you next week with the next amazing and hot scene too!

Watch here this straight guy getting his big dick wanked off!