Lance’s first gay experience

For a first gay experience this can be intense. A like em straight videos guy, with a black cap on and a yellow shirt, knows what a bad guy wants, even if it’s the first time doing this in front of another guy, while he is touching and stroking his hard cock. He seems pretty anxious to have this experience and to see where can this go. Will the man with the cap on stop after jerking him off? Or maybe it’s more of a foreplay that just a masturbation. He can help but wonder what will happen next? He is fully naked and feeling a bit vulnerable right now because he’s a beginner at this. The guy on the right had to make him understand that this is ok and he will be taken care of. Plus, the pleasure he will get out of this will be a huge bonus. Even if he seems emotional he could get his dick hard as soon as the man puts his hand around his cock. Sucking and fucking is now just a matter of time. If this guy likes being masturbated, I wonder how much will he love being sucked of by another guy? If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, enter the site and see some horny black hunks riding big black cocks!


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