California Hardwood Luca

Hey there guys and gals and welcome to some more like em straight updates this week as always. We know what you want to see and be sure that we have more of it to reveal to you this mighty fine week. Like always, we have a truly amazing and interesting show to check out to say the least and the straight guy here for this week is named Luca. He’s a tall sort of bloke and he likes to pride himself on trying new stuff at least once. So this is one time where he truly didn’t regret it by the end of the likeemstraight show here! Well, let’s watch him getting to be put through the ringer and see him getting his cock sucked passionately for the afternoon!

Since it’s his first time ever on camera s well it was necessary to go easy on him. We didn’t want to scare him off and still, as you can see, a great and juicy little porn scene came out of the whole thing this afternoon as he got to be naughty and nasty with the older guy letting that guy suck his meat. So check him out laying back and the mature guy giving him one sloppy and amazing oral action scene without delay in this update. You can see plenty of images in this gallery with the two studs and you just have to take the time to check it out. We’ll be returning soon of course and there will be much much more to enjoy and check out next week too!


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