Wyatt and Tommy

Another fresh week and time for is to deliver on that like em straight promise we made last week. Which is to basically show off to you another amazing and sizzling hot scene with hot hunks in action. This time we bring you Wyatt and Tommy and again it’s one kinky fuck fest with these two to check out. The bearded guy Tommy and his new fuck buddy Wyatt have a lot for you to see. And as you know, we strive to bring you the best of the best likeemstraight scenes here every single week and to make this site your favorite go to place when you want to check out some intense and amazing gay fuck fests every time you drop by!


Wyatt and Tommy start the action without delay as you ca see as they were both pretty eager to have fun with each other too. You get to see them strip quite fast and then taking a seat on that classy couch to get to play naughty. Watch them grabbing each other’s dicks and see them starting to stroke each other. You effectively see them jacking each other off and they seem to quite enjoy touching each other’s nice and thick cocks as well. Well they make each other blow eventually and you can see them blow their loads on themselves from those amazing hand jobs. We hope you enjoyed and if you don’t want to wait until next week, check out the past scenes too!

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Drake and Geo

Hey there guys and gals and allow us to welcome you back to another exclusive and hot like em straight scene with more amazing guys having some naughty fun for you. The scene that we present to you today exclusively is formed by the pair Drake and Geo and you have seen both in action playing nasty. This pair is formed by guys that got to teach straight studs how to fuck and we figured you should probably see how they like to play with one another in this amazing likeemstraight show here. Anyway, let’s not delay any longer and check out this superb and stunning gay fuck fest with two of the resident experts here already shall we?

When the cameras begin to roll, the two guys are all set to begin to play nasty and you can check them out undressing one another as they get to kiss and caress one another too. They get to get down on their knees in turns and suck each other off to get those cocks nice and rock hard for the next bit, which of course, will involve both of them taking their time to fuck each other hard in the ass today. We’re sure that you will enjoy seeing them fucking all over the place today and rest assured that they had fun too. Well, enjoy it and make sure that you come back next week to see another special and juicy update roll out as well, okay? Bye bye for now!


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Like Em Straight – Tommy Returns

Well, you came back at just the right time to see more amazing guys playing here at like em straight studios and Ajay is back at it again. This time he gets to play with the horny bearded guy Tommy as you can see and you know Tommy from his past scenes around here too. Well he and Ajay got to make magic happen in this afternoon and it’s one gay sex gallery that you just have to experience to believe it today. With that in mind let’s get down and watch this couple having some truly classy and hot likeemstraight action here this afternoon as they get down and dirty with each other. And you can bet that there’s lots of cock sucking too!


Tommy is quite eager to get to play with Ajay as he got to learn everything he knows from the guy and he’s eager to show off to him today too. They get to play in the living room of course on the well known chair and as Tommy gets naked he lays back to let the old guy work his magic on his cock. Just watch some expert oral getting performed on Tommy as the latter moans loudly in pleasure and as a reward for getting his fat dick sucked, Tommy lets the old guy fuck him in the ass as well before the show is over today. We bet you’ll love it and there will be quite some stuff to see in this scene. See you next week with more!

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Cum To Daddy Trace

Welcome back as always to a new and fresh like em straight gallery filled to the brim with images that will leave you wanting more of these guys in action. This week we bring you the horny stud Trace as he gets to take his time to experience the pleasures that Ajay can deliver to the new guys and he seems very happy with himself by the end of their little get together. Anyway, you can sit back and relax as you get to take your seats in the front row of this scene today and watch as this whole likeemstraight scene goes down. What you are about to see, is essentially this guy in pure bliss as he gets to cock blowed by an expert mouth today!

The older man knows exactly what he needs to do to make this guy relaxed and he’s all smiles and sunshine pretty much as soon as the show begins. Do take the time to properly enjoy the foreplay that they get to have and take your time with it all. There’s more new content that’s coming soon too, but for now, just watch as the sexy Trace gets to sit back and enjoy his time as he gets that cock sucked nice and long for the better part of this gallery. And you can bet that the old guy did a good enough job to make him cum as well, which you can see Trace do, shooting his load all over himself as well. We’ll return next week with another amazing update for you all!


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Like Em Straight – Tommy and Andrew

Another fresh week and time to see another like em straight scene. Tommy and Andrew are the stars of this one and as you know Tommy is one of our studs. He gets to let Andrew learn a lot of things about his body today and it’s a must watch if you adore the content that you can see around this place. You know that we always try to bring you the best of the best action scenes with some hot hunks having some nasty fun for you and the cameras every single week and it’s always a treat to check out the likeemstraight scenes that go down. Anyway, let’s watch the horny Andrew learn how to suck some cock here for the afternoon shall we?


Tommy and his new fuck buddy make their entry and take a seat on the couch and once there they begin to undress one another and make out with a passion. It’s clear that Andrew was very very into this and in the mood do play and Tommy had a lot of things to do with him as they had fun. To show off how much he learned, you can see Andrew sucking some man meat with a passion here like no other and when he’s ready you can see him get right on top of Tommy’s cock. Watch him ride hard style and moan in pleasure as he does so and have fun with his gay sex show here today. We’ll be seeing you soon with another collection of gay porn images!

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Cum To Daddy Gael

Well, for this like em straight show we wanted to do something special and we get to show off another straight guy getting his first time with Ajay here. His name is Gael and what makes him special is that he didn’t expect to feel as good as he did. You can tell on his face that he’s wondering why he never tried this before. Well we can pretty much assure you that you will be seeing much more of this guy in future scenes as well, so just make sure that you follow the action around here to see him more in juicy likeemstraight scenes. But anyway, in the meantime, let’s get to see him enjoying having some oral performed on his cock today!

The chair was there and waiting and Ajay even got to help him slip out of his outfit and show off his nude body. And as the guy got all touchy feely with his nude curves you can see that he’s getting more and more excited with every second as his cock gets harder and harder. You can say that the older guy knows exactly how to push his buttons and he pretty much did so for the whole scene this afternoon here. Anyway, do enjoy another amazing scene with a guy having fun while his cock gets sucked passionately and see him excitedly shoot a nice load at the end too. We’ll return soon with another new show for you to see and explore too!


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Like Em Straight – Swallow Morris

Welcome to today’s brand new like em straight scene and another straight guy having his cock worked by an expert from our site here. The name of this one is Morris and he’s all set to get to play nasty too, getting to reveal his passion for nasty gay sex in this gorgeous scene for you all as well. Anyway, get ready to see Morris in a whole lot of action with Ajay here of course as he’s the best at showing off the fresh guys how things are supose to go down with man on man action. We’re betting that you want to check out this likeemstraight scene here as well so let’s get the show rolling to see Morris having that cock sucked dry this afternoon!


The gallery starts off on the couch as it usually does, and once on there, the sexy guy Morris takes off his pants with the aid of the older gay guy. He just starts to tease his cock with his hands and you can see that he’s really good at getting Morris excited to take part in all of this as well. Then watch those juicy lips wrap around the tip of the cock and see Morris moan in pleasure with the old stud giving him a blowjob to remember today. And when we said sucked dry we mean it as well. Just take the time to check it out and enjoy the show already. We’ll be back next week with another new show for you so make sure that you stay tuned to see it!

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Chuck Returns

Hey there again everyone and welcome back once more. We’re sure you’re ready to get to see another amazing and masterful gay scene here this week and you can rest assured that its just as juicy and sensual as all the rest of the scenes here. In this one we get to see the return of Chuck as the title mentions. And as you know he’s a straight guy that got to have his first gay experience here, coming back and enjoying the special treatment once more for the afternoon. The old guy is here as well to help him out and in this likeemstraight scene you can see him taking an ass fucking as well for the sake of the show. Anyway, let’s check it out already!

Well that couch is waiting there as always and naturally as you know, the first order of business for all the guys here is to undress and show off their bodies. Since last time, he figured he’d take the time to properly show off and he can be seen enjoying himself quite a lot in this one amazing scene displaying his nude curves. The old guy then helps him out with a hand job and as we said earlier, this time he drops his pants for Chuck here. The straight guy can be seen bending over and enjoying his thorough ass fucking for the afternoon without delay! With that being said, we hope that you enjoyed the naughty show that we brought you and we’ll see you soon!


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Like Em Straight – Seed Money

Hi there guys. Welcome to a brand new like em straight scene and a brand new couple that gets to show off how naughty they are on camera for you all today. And much like the title suggests, you can pretty much take a wild guess and be pretty accurate as to why these two studs are here for this afternoon. Well at least one of them actually. The thing is that he needs money badly and well, he was given a nice sum to just sit back and relax and see the wonders of gay sex this afternoon work their magic for the likeemstraight scene. Either way, you can be sure that you get to see one amazingly hot show with this guy getting a superb hand job session for the other guy!


Once the cameras begin to roll, the stud and his helper are entering the scene and both of them start to undress. Watch those bodies put on display and see the gay guy getting all touchy feely with the straight one making sure to caress every inch of his naked body while he kisses him too. Eventually he gets to take a seat and the other stud starts to finger his ass while he starts to masturbate for you. And soon he gets to let go and have the other guy jack him off instead too as he does a much better job at jacking him off furiously this afternoon. Do enjoy the view of the show today and come back again soon to see much more new content revealed!

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Cary and Brad

Allow us to welcome you back to more like em straight glorious scenes with hot fresh studs getting to experience pleasures every single week and we come back to you in this one with a brand new gallery update that will rock your world as usual. The scene features two studs named Cary and Brad and since Brad is the straight one… Well you know why Cary was there in the first place. They are good friends, but Cary always wanted to get to play with his friend’s big and thick cock and coming to likeemstraight here was the best option to get to play with that meat. Let’s get to see Cary getting carried away with his lust for his buddy’s dick shall we?

Well, Brad was happy to indulge his friend it seems as he may have always had a curiosity when it comes to anal sex. So yeah, he was down to put his ass up. But before anything, Cary wants to make sure that he’s feeling comfy and really really turned on. That’s why you get to see him stroke Brad’s cock and give him a superb hand job first and foremost. And even takes a nice ass fucking as well from the guy. Then it’s his turn to slam that cock in Brad’s ass and rest assured that when we tell you that you just need to watch this, we mean it! Enjoy the view of the whole thing here today and do come back again next week for another new show!


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